Extreme High and Low Shots

Whether you are hitting under or over something, it is good to know some basic principles.

For low shots out of the trees, most players use a club that does not have enough loft.

Depending on the distance you need to hit the ball, typically a higher lofted club is a better choice than a lower lofted one. 

If you take a higher lofted club, you will be able to play the ball further back in your stance, which will increase your chances of solid contact. 

Secondly, you will be able to swing harder at it without the ball going too far. With the shorter club selection, you can stand closer to the ball, making it easier to start the ball on line. This is important when you are hitting through the trees.

The shorter, high lofted club will give you the chance to increase backspin, and therefore increase stopping power. This would not apply if you had a very long way to go to reach the green or the fairway.

Longer clubs, while having less loft, are more difficult to hit accurately with the correct amount of distance.

On your longer punch shots, I would recommend not using any club much lower than a 5 iron unless you have tremendous club head speed necessary to keep the ball in the air. Another option when you have a good lie and you want to hit the ball low is to swing slowly. Any time you decrease speed it decreases spin, which keeps the ball lower.

Your follow through has a big influence on the trajectory of your golf shots as well. Remember a high finish position will make it easier to hit the ball high and a low finish helps keep the ball low.

Try these tips the next time you find yourself in the trees, and hopefully you can recover successfully. 

– By Charles Lostracco, PGA teaching professional at The Classics Country Club

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