Find a Demo Day Before Buying Clubs

Golf club manufacturers are making it extremely easy to try before you buy. With demo days, demo programs at local golf shops and Demo  Day courses there is ample opportunity to try multiple clubs and brands before buying. It can make a big difference in your club selection and save you strokes on the course. Too often people buy a club simply because of an ad they saw on TV promising 15 more yards or more accuracy. While club design has come a long way there is no way to know what club is best without hitting them all.

Demo days give all golfers an opportunity to test all the latest and greatest clubs out there. Local golf courses host these events to give their customers the opportunity to find the best set of clubs. They are almost always free of charge and often times offer free fittings. In order to take advantage golfers must keep an open mind when buying a new club. It is easy to buy into the advertisements and buy a club that was used to win the latest PGA Tour event. The truth is that there are dozens of companies making great clubs that get almost no exposure on the PGA Tour simply because they cannot afford to sponsor anyone. This does not mean that there clubs are low quality or that they would not be the best fit for you. Sign up next time you see a demo day at your local course, even if it is a brand you are not really familiar with. You may be surprised at what you find.

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