Find the right putter

All too often golfers will go through several $400 drivers trying to add five yards while missing countless short putts. It is much more exciting to try to hit the ball 300 yards than to practice short putts on the putting green for hours. This is the biggest reason golfers never improve. The typical golfer has to get extremely lucky to chip it close or make a ten foot putt. The most important club that any golfer has is the putter. Every company makes dozens of models for people to choose from. Some are $20 and some are $500. Finding the right putter should have little to do with price and everything to do with feel. Putter fitting involves length, lie, and loft adjustments along with matching the appropriate model to a certain stroke. In reality there are very few people that should be using an off the rack putter. The specifications are typically all wrong. One short half hour session with your local PGA member can fix this. Over the next few rounds gather some information. Are your putts typically short or long and do you miss left or right. Discuss these tendencies with your local pro and be open minded to suggestions. With a tweak in equipment and a couple lessons on the putting green scores will improve exponentially compared with money spent on the newest driver or set of irons.

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