Follow through on the greens to lower scores


Many amateur golfers struggle so badly on the green that it causes them to quit the game. The biggest problem is deceleration, which means that the back stoke is too long and the player must slow down before making contact with the ball to avoid hitting it too hard. The problem with this is that it is impossible to judge deceleration correctly on a consistent process. Nearly every amateur golfer makes this mistake and it can be easily fixed with a little practice.

Next time you are on the putting green find a straight putt that is roughly six feet from the hole. Place a tee about three inches behind your putter so you cannot take it back any farther. This will make you accelerate through the ball and eliminate deceleration. When you practice longer putts move the tee slightly farther back as you progress. You may also practice short putts without taking a back stroke at all. Simply line up your putt and push the ball towards the hole. This will accomplish the same feeling and quickly it will be come apparent that a long back stroke is not needed to get the ball to the hole.

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