Stop Guessing and Get Custom Fit

Every major golf manufacturer offers free custom fitting with all of their clubs. Even though this is the case most golfers simply go to the pro shop and grab a club. This is often because they heard something good about or read a review in a magazine. The truth is that every single golfer can get more out of their clubs by getting them properly fit.

Getting fit involves several steps and factors. Companies essentially estimate what the average golfer needs and builds their clubs to those standard. These specifications vary from company to company. When clubs do not properly fit changes must be made in the swing to accommodate the problem. There are many factors that can be custom fitted. Some of the most important are length, lie, shaft flex, grip size, and shaft weight. Since there is no industry standard on any of these specifications the only way to be sure you have the correct clubs is to get a personal fitting. Your local PGA Professional would be the best choice for this. While some big golf stores train their employess to custom fit, your local PGA Professional will  fully understand how every variable works with your swing. You should have every club fit, even the putter. There are three popular lengths in putters today ranging from 33″ to 35″. Often times these three options are not correct and people simply play with something that is not right for them. If your putter does not sit flat on the green when you are putting, or if you have to choke down or bend over more than comfortable, your putter does not fit. A simple fitting can fix this in a couple minutes.

Next time you are in the market for new clubs do not be afraid to ask your local professional for a fitting session. It is certainly worth the short wait to custom order clubs and ensure they are exactly what you should be playing with.

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