Get out of bunkers

Bunker Shot

Every amateur golfer hates hitting out of a green side bunker. More often than not people just do not understand how to get the ball out of the sand and this leaves them hacking away unsuccessfully. The truth is most bunker shots are quite easy when the right technique is used. All too often amateur golfersĀ  hack down at the ball and the club stops in the sand. This may occasionally work but will often lead to a chunk and yet another shot out of the same bunker. When playing bunker shots the key is to accelerate through the ball. The club should enter the sand just behind the ball and slide under it. This will ensure the ball pops out and gets onto the green.

There is an easy drill to practice bunker shots that will help with the visualization along with technique:

When you are in the practice bunker take a tee and bury it in the sand until it is even with the sand. Place a ball on the tee and work on sweeping the tee out from under the ball. If this is done correctly the tee should break and the ball will come out softly. The key is to accelerate through the ball and finish the swing. Practice this on a regular basis and green side bunkers will no longer be a problem.

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