Get Video and Understand the Swing

Technology is changing the game of golf in more ways. Video cameras have advanced a great deal in the last couple years and have also become more affordable. Many people are visual learners and a couple minutes of taping can completely change the way you understand the golf swing.

In order to completely understand what needs to change you may need to see it. Many golfers try for years to make changes before seeing their swing. Video should be an integral part of any lesson plan. If you don’t have the time or finances to pay a PGA Professional, which is the best option, you can also take your own video and compare it to PGA Tour players online. Video cameras such as the Kodak Zi6 and Flip Mino HD offer High Definition and up to 60 frames per second all for around $150. While they may not be as good as higher end cameras for everyday use they are perfect for the golf swing. They are also small enought to throw in the golf bag and use whenever possible.

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