Picture This: Taking Selfies on Golf Courses

In the past year or so, the ‘selfie’ has emerged into mainstream society and—whether you love it or hate it—has taken the social world by storm. Unsurprisingly, the “self-photograph” has become more popular as smartphone use increases and becomes easier and more accessible for users of all ages and demographics. We carry our phones everywhere, and so it’s incredibly simple to snap a picture of where we are, and what we’re doing. In an age of social sharing and instant connectivity, posting that image for the world to see is as simple as pressing a button.

If you’re a fan of the selfie, a great location for one is on the golf course. Whether you snap one before you tee off, or while you’re waiting for the group ahead of you (just make sure you’re not holding anyone up when you snap that pic), it’s a great way to capture your golfing adventures forever. Plus, if you tag or mention the golf course you’re playing on, there’s a chance that course will re-share your photo to its community.

A group that’s taken the golf course selfie to heart is FootGolfers, a popular new soccer-golf hybrid being played on various golf courses across the nation. FootGolf lends itself to snapping selifes and videos on course, as the FootGolf “uniform” is flashy and fun, and the game itself (kicking a ball towards a hole) plays quicker than its traditional golf cousin. If you’re looking for some great FootGolf photos, check out www.gofootgolf.com.

Some Photo Tips

Whether you’re opting for the “traditional” hold-your-phone-arms-length-and-smile selfie, or the newly popular selfie stick group photo, here are some golf course photo tips to consider.

  • Consider the hole and your backdrop – you don’t want people to think you’re just strolling around a green field, so maybe pick the course’s signature hole as your backdrop, or take a pic with the pin in the background.
  • Utilize your props – you’re most likely holding your golf club, or maybe a tee, ball, or divot fixer (remember the 1+1 divot rule, fix yours and one more!). Don’t just opt for a boring, smiling photo. Utilize your props to take a more memorable shot.
  • Mind the shadows – Great golfing days are often sunny, so mind the glare and shadows when you shoot. Remember that you’ll look washed out if the sun is directly behind you in a photo, and if you’re taking a picture of the green or ball, consider your shadow before you take that pic.
  • Don’t disturb your golfing buddies or other golfers – Just as you wouldn’t want to be disturbed while you’re hitting your long drive or going for that 10-ft. putt, don’t disturb your golfing buddies or other golfing groups with your selfies and photo-taking. Ask permission before you take a picture of someone setting up (or especially) swinging through a shot.
  • Keep up pace of play – Can’t stress this enough, as pace of play not only affects your golfing group, but those around you as well. Be aware of where you are on the course, and where others are. If you want a group photo on a green, make sure no one is waiting to hit – and don’t take multiple angles or pics. Just as you might play “Ready Golf,” take “Ready Pics” – snap on the go, or while you’re waiting until it’s your turn to swing. This way, you get your photo without slowing down the game.

Selfies on golf courses can add to the fun and enjoyment of the day. They can capture the beauty of the golf course, and even the tone of that day. Maybe you snap a pic of your buddy as he forlornly searches for his ball at a pond’s edge, or you capture an image of local wildlife on the course – or maybe that day will be the day of your first (or next) hole-in-one. Golfers who love to golf know that one round can be full of highs and lows, and stories – which is why taking photos on the golf course can be a great way to help you remember those moments and share your love of the game.

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