Golf Drills with a Partner

It’s not uncommon for golfers to practice alone. However, practice in a group atmosphere is an exciting way to break up daily practice regimens. While there are many games and drills designed to contribute to a quality practice session, the following golf drills and games are designed to offer more excitement and competition.

Match Play

Match play is always a popular form of competition and players always need to work on putting skills, so  practice with a putting contest in a match play format. There are several variations. One option is to play closest-to-the-hole. The player who putts the ball closest to the hole earns a point. The player with the most points wins.

Another variation on this competition is to putt everything out. This helps you work on long and short putts. The player with the fewest putts wins the hole and the point. Play for either 9 or 18 holes. You can add difficultly to the game by making requirements for each putt. For example, a putt can not come up short. Another caveat could include a stipulation that if the putt does not go in the hole, it must travel past the hole no longer than 18 inches. Games that require higher levels of concentration will help transfer skills onto the golf course. In addition, this type of competition can dramatically alter the pace at which you hit the putt. Remember, you can’t make a putt if it’s short of the hole.

Tough Luck Golf

golf ball in divot

Practice from tough lies to prepare yourself for bad breaks on the course.

 This is a great way to prepare yourself mentally for terrible breaks you encounter on the course. You need a partner to play this game. After each shot, your partner is allowed to drop your golf ball one club length. This could mean your partner drops your ball into a divot, behind a tree, or even in a hazard. When you are on the green, they are allowed to move a putt one club length. Most will find it difficult to shoot anything around their typical score. A very good player should not see much of a difference between a regular score and a “tough luck” golf score.

“HORSE” Putting

Play “HORSE” on the putting green.  Similar to basketball, a player putts from any location on the putting green. If the player makes the putt, the other player must make same putt. If they miss, they incur a letter (H-O-R-S-E).  The goal is to avoid spelling the word “Horse.” If player 1 misses the original putt, then player 2 has the opportunity to select the location for a new putt. If player 2 makes the putt, player 1 is forced to make the putt or incur a letter. The game can be played with two or more players.

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