Golf Etiquette – to Follow or Not to Follow

There are some controversial, and certainly debatable rules and restrictions of golf leftover from the old days. Some still make sense. Others…not so much. You decide.

No cell phones on the course – not even texting? This seems unreasonable considering how the culture has evolved. Especially since the game is so long, and sometimes there is business to attend to, now that we can access email on our phones. But nobody wants a phone going off in the middle of a backswing. So keep it discrete and considerate.

No hats on backwards – this is stereotypically a baseball catcher thing, but it’s arguably an outdated taboo. After all, we’re not all exactly wearing neckties and knickerbockers anymore, either.

No pull carts – there is an inherent problem with this particular restriction in that pull carts are the much healthier option. They can be a great option for seniors who are trying to stay fit, or anyone for that matter. It’s also become common enough where the most prestigious golf institutions in the world use them – like St. Andrews, for example. You know, that course that’s been open since 1764.

No Jeans – this one is probably still applicable considering golf is a sport, and jeans generally aren’t appropriate when playing any sport that requires a lot of movement. Jeans don’t have the flexibility you need to turn your body in the correct way, and they do bring an ensemble down from business casual to super casual.

No women before 10am on weekends – really? I don’t think this needs an explanation as to why it’s outdated…

No collarless shirts – golf attire is a tad sportier now than it was even 20 years ago, and Tiger Woods has been known to rock a collarless shirt or two. Would it make a difference if it cost more than a collared shirt?

Hats off indoors – this is a pretty common rule for places looking to keep their dress code up-to-snuff, so it may not bee too outdated. It depends on how comfortable you want your golfers, and members to feel, as well as what kind of club/course reputation you are looking to emulate.

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