2010 USGA Modified Groove Rule

If you have watched any TV coverage since last August you have heard Johnny Miller talk about a new groove rule that will take affect on January 1, 2010. Essentially the new rule makes grooves less effective and will reduce the amount of spin that players can impart on the ball. The areas being affected are the depth and shape of the grooves and also the sharpness of the groove edge.


There are a several reasons for the new rule. With the advancement of technology scores on professional tours are lower than ever. Thanks to advanced research and development major golf manufacturers are able to create wedges that will create more back spin making shots out of the rough stop on a dime. This is what makes for some great highlights but some feel it has taken some creativity away from the game, and the USGA agrees. On January 1 of next year the major golf tours of the world will adopt the new groove rule along with all sanctioned USGA, R&A, and Augusta National Golf Club events. If you do not play in any of events, which 99.999% of all golfers don’t, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can continue to use your current wedges. This rule is aimed towards the elite golfers of the world on major golf tours. So next year look for some more creativity and perhaps an extra bogey or two.

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