New Groove Rule Up in Air

Apparently there are many PGA Tour players that are less than enthusiastic about the upcoming changes in their equipment. The USGA is attempting to put new restrictions on the grooves on wedges and irons that are played on the PGA Tour, and eventually clubs played by the public. The PGA Tour Advisory Board is currently discussing options and are leaning towards a vote that would postpone the rule change. It is scheduled to start on January 1, 2010.

The complaints coming from players is the amount it will change their games. With current rules they are able to play wedges that allow them to spin the ball from the rough and from tricky lies. If the new rule is implemented it will hamper their ability to do so, even though companies have known about the rule change for some time now.

The Advisory Board will most likely release a decision in the next day or to as to what their recommendation is. At this point it looks like they will do all they can to postpone or cancel the changes.

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