The lovely rules of golf

Brian Davis showed us all that golf is still a game of honor. Davis called a penalty on himself during the first playoff hole of the Verizon Heritage last weekend. It is one of the heart breaking moments that will be forgotten too soon. The recent events in the golfing world have left some to questions regarding the amount of integrity left in the game, while other will say Davis had little chance of saving par on the hole. Either way, the man called officials in even though he was not sure he did anything wrong. Someone who has never won on tour, something that would be a career changing experience, he did the right thing.

The rules of golf are convoluted, silly, and most of the time just aggravating. It can seem that whoever came up with all of these rules has never played the game at all. The fact is that it is the best that man can do. Changes are made often in attempt to make them reasonable, sometimes with little success. For those of us that choose to play this game the rules are part of the territory. Nothing can destroy a golfing reputation more quickly than cheating, and nothing can bolster it more than a self imposed penalty. We can all learn something about the game from Brian Davis.

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