Golf Tips from a PGA Pro

PGA professional instructor, Charlie Lostracco, frequently gives his clients at The Classics Country Club in Naples, Florida some expert blog advice. We thought it worthwhile to share some of his recent tips with all of you who are continuing to hone your golf game.

On developing a smarter lay – up

When you are faced with having to lay-up, make sure you do the math in order to do so at a good distance. Too often you will tend to always hit a 3-wood. The problem is that you generally end up too close to the green to hit a full shot. An example would be if you are 230 yards from the green and your favorite shot is to have 60 yards into the green, then hit your 170-yard club.

You will find that you will make more birdies or get the ball up and down more often by doing this than just blasting your 3-wood.

So give it a try the next par five you are out of your go zone. Lay it up to a comfortable number and then take advantage of your wedge play!

Connecting your arms with your swing

Creating a connection between the turn of your shoulders and swing of your arms promotes a more efficient golf swing with less moving parts.

Most amateurs’ swings have too many moving parts, and as a result develop a great deal of inconsistency. To improve the connection in your swing, I recommend ‘The Ball Drill.’ Find a ball about the size of a slightly deflated volleyball, and then pinch the ball between both biceps while also having it contact your chest. Once the ball is in place, grip the club and begin to make short swings.

Gradually work your way up to a full-length swing while swinging slowly. The key to performing the ball drill is that the ball must maintain contact with all three points while you are swinging. The length of your back swing may feel shorter and more restricted.

Connecting the motion of the body and arms will eliminate unnecessary moving parts in your golf swing, and make it easier to repeat.

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