Golf Tips – How to Play Golf In the Wind

The world’s best golfers are at Turnberry in Scotland for the British Open and there is no doubt that wind will be a factor. Playing  in the wind is something that all golfers struggle with. Golf has so many factors it can be nearly impossible when a 20+ MPH wind is introduced. The key is to keep it simple and to take plenty of club.

Very often golfers will try to hit a club harder when playing into the wind. This is actually the exact opposite of what needs to be done. The goal when playing in the wind is to keep it as low as possible and run it onto the green if needed. This eliminates some of the guessing involved and will lead to more consistent play. When a golfer swings harder they are more likely to hit it high with a lot of backspin, this will cause the ball to “balloon” and come up short.

The first key is to take plenty of club when playing into a breeze. Put the ball back in your stance and make an easy swing. This will ensure that the ball is hit low and will keep it out of the wind as much as possible. This can also be practiced on a calm day. While on the range find a 150 yard shot and hit a club that would normally go about 20 yards over the green. Practice making smooth swings with the ball back in your stance  to hit low shots that carry the 150 yards. With some practice this can be an easy shot to play when faced with windy conditions.

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