The Essential Golf Trip Packing List

One of the best parts of traveling isn’t necessarily getting away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life – it’s getting the chance to experience new golf courses. Whether you want to make your getaway strictly about golf or just hit some links on your vacation downtime, it’s important to pack accordingly. After all, new courses are best experienced with familiar clubs… among a couple other necessary items.

Travel Golf Bag

It’s always great playing new courses with your own clubs, but the obvious downfall is that they aren’t exactly overhead carry-on material. Thus, when you are planning a golf trip, your travel golf bag is important. The three main types of bags are:

  • Hard cases – these provide the most protection, but also take up the most room
  • Soft cases – great for car travel because of their padding and flexibility
  • Hybrid – a hard top to protect the club heads, with a soft body to conserve room

Another feature to look for in a travel golf bag is wheels for easier commuting through airports, parking lots, etc.

Back-Up Golf Shoes

Wet shoes, where to begin? They are uncomfortable, smelly, and unhealthy – not to mention distracting when you play. Who knows what conditions you might run into when you travel and golf, so golf travelers have learned to pack their regular shoes and bring a backup. Whether you choose to pack another pair of golf shoes or just athletic shoes that could be used as an alternative, remember to bring at least two pairs of shoes you can golf in.

Weather Gear

Weather gear includes attire that is not only suitable for rain, but also long sleeves for earlier tee times in the colder weather, or times when you want to avoid the UV rays that beat down on your exposed skin. This includes hats or caps, and wind jackets if you’re headed to a blustery course.

Business Cards

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Golfing vacations include a lot of down time spent in clubhouses, tap houses, and other local hangouts. Pack some extra business cards and if you manage to get a lead – the whole trip can be written off as a corporate expense!

GPS or Course App

You won’t have the advantage of experience on the new courses you’re visiting (unless you play there often!), but a golf GPS eliminates some of the cutting of the teeth on an unfamiliar 18. Smart phone apps offer the same benefits without having to carry an extra device.

Disposable Clothes

Remember to pack for your non-golf activities as well. Remember comfortable shorts, a t-shirt, swimming trunks, workout clothes, etc. Packing old clothes that can be left behind / thrown away will help free up room in your suitcase on the way home for souvenirs.

Any Equipment You Don’t Want to Purchase

Forgetting to pack extra golf balls, tees, a divot tool, sunscreen, energy bars, etc. isn’t the end of the world because most of these items can be found at the course you’re playing on. Of course, the items are going to be more expensive at the clubhouse, and if you have a bag of tees, why not bring them?

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