Golfing: Fun Ways to Burn Calories This Holiday Season

Skylinks at Long Beach

Skylinks at Long Beach

According to a survey, the average person will put on 4 lbs. between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day after consuming twice the recommended calorie intake. Bad news right? Not so much, if you enjoy playing golf. We have an infographic that will give you some fun ways to burn calories this holiday season.

One of these options is on the driving range. We all know that this portion of your game makes for great practice, but did you know that on average you can burn 200 calories an hour here? Even if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to engage in a round of golf, just spending two hours at the driving range could mean burning 400 calories. If you happen to be visiting friends or family and not familiar with the area you’ll spending time in, use our public golf course directory as a reference guide.

For readers in a more competitive mood, teeing off for a round has its benefits as well. For example, one round of golf produces similar health results as a 45-minute fitness class. So for those of you who aren’t too enthusiastic about jogging or other sources of cardio, this is probably the route to take.

Playing 18 holes is an enhanced way to burn calories. Golfing on an 18-hole course while carrying your own bags will knock out 721 calories. If you have a poor back or simply aren’t comfortable with the idea of carrying your equipment, you can still shed 613 calories for your efforts. If you’re like me and love those frosted snowman cookies from Starbucks, this would be the equivalent of making up for eating 1 1/2 of those tasty treats.

For the group that wants to skip out on carrying your clubs and interacting with a caddy, riding along your local course with a cart has its benefits. Riding in a cart, golfing an 18-hole course burns 411 calories. While your cart might not  be as stylish as Bubba Watson’s BW1 hovercraft, “golf ‘n cart” is still a formidable approach to counter the extra food consumption waiting to happen during the holidays. And a final note about playing an 18-hole round of golf? It is comparable to walking five miles.


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5 ways to burn calories this holiday season with golf.

So, which of these fun ways to burn calories this holiday season are you more likely to choose? Driving range? 18-holes without caddying? 18-holes with carting? Or perhaps, a combination of all the above? Regardless of what you choose, enjoy the holidays, enjoy golf, and avoid that extra weight!

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