How to Discover Consistency in Your Game

Proper technique and dependable consistency are desired in any golfer’s game, regardless of their level. A variation of the two can influence a shot, a hole, or a round. It’s critical for players to understand the importance of steadiness within each stroke and their overall game, but even more so how to achieve it.

There are a few prime ways that golfers of any level can increase the consistency of their game. If you’re feeling frustrated or having up and down outings as of late, don’t lose hope. It’s a process to become a quality golfer. Below are two ways to enhance your performance on the course, and how to carry them out. While your game is unique, these ideas still apply in principle and will, without a doubt, help your game improve.

Develop an expanded level of physical fitness

Many people outside of those who play the sport often view golf as an activity that doesn’t demand a high level of physical capability. This is far from the truth, as the endurance and strength required to play hole after hole on the golf course is vastly underrated. The truth is that any lack of physical fitness directly compromises a golfer’s success, technique, and focus.

As fatigue sets in, any skill loosens up a little bit and focus shifts from the ball. This is human nature, and should be expected of all golfers. It’s hard to do anything when you’re tired, let alone strike a tiny ball with a metal club. Here are some ways to improve your physical fitness to improve your golf game:

Swim laps at the pool each week: This increases cardiovascular endurance while simultaneously helping your flexibility. Greater endurance leads to sharp late-round focus and better stamina, particularly on those hot summer days.

Do low weight arm reps: These can really help the muscles in your arms prepare for a round of golf. It’s not easy to swing a club in the ballpark of a hundred times in a single day. Doing light-weight reps can help train your muscles for the task.

Walk on the treadmill at an incline: This will prepare you for the ups and downs of the golf course and help prevent any fluctuation in your swing or stance during a round.

Utilize resources around you

The beauty of golf is that there is always room for improvement. Whether you’re Phil Mickelson or the guy down the street, you can and will get better with practice. You just need to utilize the resources around you and grasp any bit of knowledge you can. The worst thing a golfer can do is be close-minded when it comes to improvement. There’s a reason that professionals frequent the driving range and putting green before each and every round.  Here are some specific ways to use the resources around you:

Get a frequent or infrequent lesson: Contact your local golf pro and set up a lesson. Whether you do it every other week or every three months, it’s up to you and your budget. The value of these lessons is what’s important. Consult someone who knows not only the fundamentals, but also the many tendencies golfers struggle with on a regular basis.

Play with people who are better than you: Whether you have to seek them out or you fall naturally into pairings with them every Saturday and Sunday, it’s imperative that you try and surround yourself with people who are as good as you or better. This will inherently sharpen your focus and you’ll naturally acquire the little nuances that perfect their styles of play.

Use the range and putting green tirelessly: Practice leads to vast improvement when it comes to golf, and specifically when we’re talking about repetitions on the range. If your swing is the same every single time, you’ll be able to better navigate a course. This steadiness with your stroke comes from range practice. You can hone your skills in a controlled environment.

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