How to Get Your Kids Into Golf

You might have been bitten by the golf bug – but it’s not always a family trait. It’s impossible to make your child love a sport. Instead, if you dream of playing golf with your kids as they grow older, you should take steps to help them foster a love for it themselves. Here are some ways to get your kids into golf.

Summer Camps

Whether it’s a golf camp or just a summer camp with golf components, letting your children attend a summer sports camp is a great way to make sure sports are associated with great memories. True camps where you have to pack your weekend bag can be expensive, so don’t forget to look into day camps as a more budget-friendly option. At camp, your kids will be shown golf tips and tricks by pros, and they’ll also be encouraged to build friendships with others who have similar hobbies and interests.

Watch Golf at Home

By creating a dialogue with your kids about your favorite golfers and why you love to watch them, you can inspire your kids to want to watch golf as well. But proceed with caution: having golf channels on 24/7 will make your kids resent golf! Strike a balance between what your kids want to watch and what you want to watch. Put golf on in the background while you do activities together as a family, like cooking, cleaning, or doing a puzzle. Get your kids used to golf lingo through regular exposure.

Golf With Them

One of the best ways to get your kids to love golf is to make it a family activity. Taking your child to the driving range or out for a round is a great way to have bonding time and to teach them some tricks. As they grow older, keep the habit consistent and they’ll always associate golf with family. For example, every Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, do a family round of 9 holes with brunch. Create a tradition that will stick with them.

Spend Time at the Course

If your golf course has other features, like footgolf, disc golf, a restaurant, or regular non-golf events, participate! Getting to the golf course is half of the battle. Once you’re there, it’s easy to say, “Do you want to practice putting?” or “Do you want to share a bucket of balls before we go home?”

Join a Country Club

Joining a country club is a fantastic way to incorporate golf into your family life. Whether you live on the course or are a nonresident member, you will have plentiful golf events and social events that will get you and your kids closer to other golfing families. Country club memberships also include plenty of learning and practice opportunities and discounts on golf costs.

Private Lessons

Once your child has established a fondness for golf, consider offering them private lessons. It’s important that your kid wants to participate in the lessons – and that you aren’t making them go. If they are up for it, private lessons will greatly increase their golf skills and help prepare them for a future in golf, whether it be recreationally or for sports teams at their schools.

Just remember, you can’t make your kids love golf! These suggestions apply to most sports. The best activity for your children is the one they are passionate about and enjoy. Creating a golf-filled environment at home and giving opportunities for athletic growth are your best bet if you want to nurture a love for the sport.

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