How to Perfect Your Swing

You’ve heard the phrase, “It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.” Well it sure applies in golf. If the swing is wrong, it throws every other part of the game off kilter. They say a good shot is when the ball is in the way of the swing. When you’re not trying to hit the ball, and it just happens within the rhythm of the swing, you’re on the right track.

Follow through is one of the most important aspects of a good swing. Your entire body must be in full alignment, and you should be facing the target when you’ve completed the shot. In fact, that should always be your end result.

Going through a simple pre-shot routine will get you used to the motions necessary for a successful swing. Your clubhead will fly through the hitting area in a fraction of a second, so you will train yourself not to hesitate before impact and avoid losing control.

Make your swing about shoulders, hips, and legs. You’ll have a much better chance of creating a consistency of movement this way. The clubhead should be square to the body throughout the whole shot. In order to achieve this, turn your hips and shoulders through to follow the clubhead. Again, make sure you finish facing the target and not at the ball.

Another thing to keep in mind when attempting the perfect swing is to ‘give your spine the forearm’ by being on-plane at the top of the swing, guaranteeing improved accuracy. Also, make sure your takeaway isn’t to low to the ground. This delays the correct hinging of the wrists until it’s too late on the backswing.

Check and see if your thumb is up or down with your grip. Try adopting the thumbs-down method for better impact. This will eliminate curve shots. However, if you’re trying to slice, the thumbs-up approach tends to work better.

Bottom line: Follow through, use your body – especially hips, shoulders and legs, and make sure the ball is in the way of your swing, and not the other way around, and face the target, not the ball.

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