How to Throw a Golf-Themed Bachelor Party in Southern California

So your friend is getting married, and you both play golf. It’s only natural that you’d decide to have a golf-themed bachelor party, right?

Southern California is one of the best places to golf in the world, and the weather never disappoints, which makes it the perfect location for a bachelor party, no matter what season the wedding is being planned for. As the Best Man, just make sure to keep some things in mind…

  1. Where to Play

When deciding which golf course is best for your party, consider the player’s abilities, proximity of the course to the hotel and to other forms of entertainment. Some courses to check out with impeccable reputations are Sandpiper, Glen Annie in Santa Barbara, the Coronado Golf Club and The Grand Golf Club in San Diego.

  1. Games / Bachelor Challenges

It’s a good game plan to at least nail down the “official” challenges that will be played at the party. And don’t worry about picking games that only the bachelor is good at. Where’s the fun in that? Some easy options are: Dots, Skins, Quota, and Snake.

  1. Entertainment

When considering what to do off the golf course during the evening, it all depends on the group. Are they big partiers, are they responsible? This should all factor into planning whether you should venture out to bars, or stick to sporting events. The Gaslamp District is a must-see for the party-friendly crowd.

  1. Where to Stay

A bachelor party is better when you don’t end up with a hefty Uber bill or noise complaint. So choose your accommodations wisely. Some great lodging options are anywhere in the Gaslamp District if you’re in San Diego, a hotel downtown if you’re in Santa Barbara, or any resort if you’re in Palm Springs.

  1. Travel

Make things easy on your group by coordinating travel early. If any of your friends live close by, then carpool. And pack light! You never know what you may want to bring home with you. Some things to consider bringing to a bachelor party include cigars, a flask, and Bluetooth speakers.

  1. Final Touches

As the Best Man, you should have a small checklist at your side to make sure you’ve finalized everything. Make sure you’ve booked and confirmed your tee times, all hotel reservations have been made, arrival times and locations are confirmed and everyone’s transportation is arranged. If further reservations are needed for dinner, or entertainment, make sure to look into that too so your group doesn’t end up disappointed.

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