Improve Your ‘Horrible’ Golf Swing via Video

improve your golf swing with video.

Improving your golf swing via video can have a fantastic impact on your game.

We all know how vital our golf swing is when it comes to having a successful round. A playing partner might tell you to swing easy and hit hard. Your caddie of the day might whisper lightly in your ear that your golf swing is at its best when you don’t think too much. While I would never argue against these words of wisdom, I also suggest an alternative: record yourself to see what components you are lacking in your game.

With the rise of mobile everything, and apps for anything you can imagine, it makes sense to take this approach. Recording your golf swing via video is inexpensive and most of all, visual. The few times my buddies and I golfed together in Los Angeles at Westchester Golf Course or in Long Beach at Heartwell Golf Course, we’ve learned much by recording each other as we play, and dissecting the golf swing of all parties involved when we review the videos. The main aspect of my game, that I was unaware of prior to video review, was that I was under-clubbing. Watching replays on my mobile device helped me with future golf outings. I was able to take a little off my swing, which took a little more off my scorecard. To steal a line from the famous Matt Damon-Will Smith flick, The Legend of Bagger Vance, I was finding my “authentic swing.”

I would imagine that many other golfers have some bad habits consistently on display during each round. Whether you’re like me and under-club, or whether you stand over the ball 15-20 seconds longer than you think, improving your golf swing via video can help. It has definitely knocked around 10 strokes off my game. I went from mostly 110+ strokes to a frequent 98-100, and an occasional 95.

If video is a tool that top amateurs and PGA Tour players utilize to strengthen their golf swing, then it’s certainly not too good for us weekend warriors. Besides, who wants to swing as crazy as Charles Barkley or Marshawn Lynch? If you want to get a bit more fancy with your videos, apps such as Capture and MV will satisfy that need. Have you ever recorded yourself swinging your 9-iron? If you haven’t, what’s holding you back? Your game will improve because of it.


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  1. that’s a good idea, it wouldve never crossed my mind lol I just took a golf swing course at will let you know if my peeps work 🙂

  2. Thanks Robert. Please let us know how the swing course goes. Go get em!

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