Improving Lag Putting

almost done The majority of three putts come from poor distance control on the first putt. Distance is everything when it comes to putting. Learning how to leave yourself shorter second putts can take many strokes of your scorecard. The problem with golf is you are not looking at your target when you make a stroke. So as soon as you look down at the ball is becomes a guessing game. Most of the time golfers guess fairly well, but when it comes to lag putting it is a different story. Every golfer, professionals included, struggle with lag putting on a regular basis. There is a simple drill that can help reduce the length of your second putts.

Next time you are on the practice green find a lengthy putt of about thirty-five feet. Go through your normal pre-shot routine but after getting lined up keep looking at the hole when making the putt. When the target remains in sight the body has an easier time reacting and making the correct stroke. There have even been several players on the Champions Tour that have used this in tournaments for lengthy putts. If this is practiced on a regular basis you will start to have a better feel for lag putting and leave shorter second putts.

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