Increase Club Head Speed with Fitness

Recreational golfers’ are always searching for ways to hit the ball farther.  Even PGA and LPGA players would enjoy an extra 10 yards off the tee.  Three basic ways of hitting a golf ball farther include increasing swing speed, improving contact at impact and matching equipment to your swing.  The best players in the world work with swing coaches and personal trainers to improve distance and accuracy.  Recreational golfers will benefit from working on the same techniques and improving their golf fitness.

Unfortunately many players over-swing while they attempt to generate more distance.    If contact suffers due to increasing swing speed you are sacrificing distance and accuracy.  Research indicates improving swing speed one mile per hour will increase carry distance by 3 yards.  Therefore, increasing swing speed by five miles per hour leads to an additional 15 yards.

Strength Training

Strength is an integral part to hitting the ball farther.  Many golfers fail to improve due to a lack of physical strength.  Therefore, building strength will allow you to control the club throughout the swing.  Increasing strength will make it possible to swing the club on the correct swing path and plane.  A golf fitness program designed to increase strength will utilize free weights, weight machine, elastic bands, dumbbells and even resistance training with your own body weight.

Plyometric Exercises

An efficient golf swing relies on quick muscle contractions throughout the entire body.  Leg extensions are an exercise designed to build quad strength, however it will not promote quick muscle contraction.  Plyometric exercises are used by athletes to improve performance.  They typically involve jumping exercises designed to engage muscles to exert maximum force in a short time with the goal of increasing speed and power.  Therefore, plyometric exercises are designed to develop explosive muscles through repeated jumping.  Explosive muscles will lead to faster swing speeds.

Jump lunges are a basic plyometric exercise.  Begin with your right foot in front of the left.  Start with a small lunge and then jump.  Switch the position of both feet when you land, with the left foot in the front position.  Focus on a smooth landing, bend your knees and make a quick transition to the next jump.

Focus on the “Core”

The core is the engine of the golf swing.  A stronger core promotes the ability to generate a faster club head speed and more distance.  The core muscles all share the load of stabilizing the body throughout the golf swing.  A solid core acts as an anchor for the extremities to perform more efficiently.

A golf fitness program will deliver golf specific exercises designed to improve your golf game.  A typical core exercise utilizes a medicine ball.  Take the normal golf set up position and hold the medicine ball between both hands.  While maintaining the triangle between the arms and shoulders, swing the arms back and through similar to the golf swing.  Attempt to create a 90 degree turn in the shoulders.  The exercise will increase power and strengthen golf specific muscles directly involved with the swing.    This golf specific exercise will provide a stable base and promote consistent ball striking.  In addition, it will promote more club head speed resulting in more distance.

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