Indoor Golf Drills to Try at Home

Practice doesn’t have to end when you leave the course. Here are some indoor golf drills you can try in the comfort of your own home!

Simplifying Your Swing

Many beginner golfers overcomplicate their swings. When working on your swing, it is important to make sure to “hit with your turn.” The most important part of the swing is the rotation of your body. Sometimes when trying to achieve this, your club face will become unstable.

Try using books as a visual guide for putting practice. Line up to putt with a golf ball, but place one book south of the ball at your feet and another book just north of the ball. Position them far apart enough that your putter head can barely squeeze through. Now make your stroke. This exercise will help with swing alignment, as you will find it hard to make your putter go directly between the books unless your stroke accurately follows through the putting line.

Managing Torque

Golfers tend to make the mistake of turning their hips and shoulders at the same time when they swing, which can throw off torque balance. Here’s something that can help you fix that:

Sit in a chair, spreading your feet into a wide stance. Keep them flat on the ground and hold a 7/8 iron in front of you. Raise the club over your head and rest the shaft across your shoulders, then turn your shoulders to the right. Hold this position for a few seconds. The idea here is to feel some torque on your left side. Keep repeating until you get the hang of it.

Shoulder Rotation

Shoulder rotation is something many golfers don’t remember during play. One way to train your body is the following drill:

Lower yourself to your knees. Hold a ball between your hands out in front of you, and then start swinging the ball back and forth. This should make you more aware of where your hands, arms, and shoulders are, and whether they are in sync with your swing.

Distance Control

Try setting a golf ball on top of a coin, and putt a second ball toward the first ball so they touch. Just make sure this doesn’t knock the first ball off of the penny. This is a very challenging exercise, but the idea is to try it from various distances in order to improve distance control. Pretty soon, targeting the ball will become second nature, and you will gain more accuracy.

Try these indoor golf drills and let us know what works for you!

*Make sure you clear plenty of space for practicing inside. Watch out for breakables or ceiling fans. You don’t want to hit the ceiling or smash your television. Ideal places for indoor golf drills are garages, bonus rooms, and rooms with high ceilings.

For more tips on improving your swing, see Perfecting Your Practice and the Fundamentals of Swing Sequence.

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