Keeping Warm on the Golf Course

As temperatures wind down and days grow shorter, you might feel discouraged when it comes to getting out on the course. With chilly air and unpredictable winter weather, golf becomes an entirely new monster. But you shouldn’t give up the sport for a few months just because the season has changed. Here’s some tips on keeping warm (and dry) on the course during the winter.

Wear thin, warm layers

You can’t wear a parka to golf, obviously. It would severely limit your motion. However, slipping a long sleeved shirt under your polo is a great way to trap in heat. For even better warmth, add an undershirt beneath everything else. Long johns can keep your legs warm, and high socks can hold them in place under your pants. You can also benefit from keeping a warm coat with you for between shots, if necessary.

If the issue is rain, there are special golf jackets you can purchase that have removable sleeves. These might seem silly, but can be super useful during drizzly days. Your body is kept dry and warm, but your arms are free to move and swing. Still, don’t forget that golf umbrella to protect your bag.

Pack your bag smart

Bring warm things with you! A vacuum insulated thermos with a toasty beverage inside can keep your tummy warm despite cool temps outside. Hot chocolate is the perfect golf beverage. Other drinks, like tea or coffee, can also give you a warm pick-me-up between shots. If you’re playing a lunchtime round, consider chicken broth or even drinkable chicken noodle soup.

Your hands and feet are also likely to get chilly being outside for so long. To combat this, consider purchasing foot warmers and hand warmers. Foot warmers will sit inside your shoes, and paired with socks, your toes will be cozy for hours. Hand warmers work between shots and should be stored in a pair of gloves or some similar nest to keep them from losing heat to the open air too quickly.

Go for 9 holes

If the weather is truly chilly but you still want to get out there, just stick to 9 holes! An executive 9 here or there is totally sufficient to maintain your skill, plus will cut your exposure to the elements in half.

If golfing out on the course still seems like too cold of an activity, hunt for a heated driving range. Some ranges offer bays with overhead heaters to ensure that you are covered from the rain and kept toasty warm.

Snow? Oh no!

If it snows and your course decides to stay open, you’ll need to take a few additional precautions on the course. First off, don’t anticipate anything more than a recreational round. You’ll have to bundle up to be out in the snow, so your shots will be very different from your regular play. Next, prioritize wearing snow-appropriate attire over golf-appropriate attire. It’s important that you don’t get sick! You should wear snow boots, warm pants, and a waterproof thick coat. Wear a scarf, hat, and even winter gloves with grips instead of your golf glove. For a fun twist, try playing (carefully) with mittens! Most importantly, do not use a white ball. I repeat, DO NOT USE A WHITE BALL. Go for neon colors that will appear in the snow, unless you want a round of golf to turn into a scavenger hunt!

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