Knock it Stiff from In-Between Clubs

This happens all the time during an average round- your 158 yards out. Do you try and crush the 8 iron, or smooth a 7 iron in close. When you try and smash the ball, you get squirly in your swing and spray the ball. When you try and take something off the shot, your distance is off and you don’t make solid contact because you weren’t confident over the ball.

Very rarely during a round do you get a yardage that calls for a go-to, stock swing. Most of the time you feel like you either just a bit too much or too little club in your hand.

Here are some general key to help you pick the right club every time:

Play the longer club if…

  • There is wind in your face
  • You have trouble/ a hazard short
  • The hole plays uphill
  • The pin is in the middle/ back

Now that you know you’re in a situation where a longer club is required, here’s a few keys to hit the club a bit shorter.

  1. Coke down 1-2 inches on the club
    1. Choking down makes the club shorter and generate less club head speed. It also makes the club a bit easier to control
  2. Play the ball slightly forward.
    1. This will add a bit more loft, giving you a higher trajectory and land the ball softly.
  3. Make a compact swing.
    1. This does not mean don’t hit the ball firmly. By making a ¾ backswing, and a ¾ follow through, you’ll generate less club head speed even though you swing with your normal tempo and strength.

Play the shorter club if…

  • There is wind at your back
  • You have trouble/ a hazard long
  • The hole plays downhill
  • The pin is in the front

Now that you’ve decided on the shorter club, lets make sure you get the ball there. To hit a club longer

  1. Play the ball slightly back in your stance
    1. This will deloft your club a bit, turning your 8 iron into an 7.5 iron
  2. Complete your backswing
    1. When an amateur tries to get extra distance, they get too giddy to start the downswing and hit the ball and don’t complete the backswing. Take the club back all the way to add those extra yards
  3. Accelerate through the finish
    1. Here, don’t think of hitting the ball- think of hitting through the ball. Focus on a full finish with all your weight on your left side

No matter what yardage you face, follow these simple guidelines to help you knock it close no matter what the situation is.

What are your keys for tricky distances?

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