Learn from those around you

Only one person in this world can say he is the best golfer. The rest of us have the advantage of being able to watch those that are better and learn from their games. Golf is as much about strategy and selecting the right shot as it is about execution. Part of becoming a better golfer is learning when to hit a three wood off the tee and when to intentionally hit leave it 30 feet short of a pin.

In the ideal world all golfers would get playing lessons occasionally to get the personal training from a professional on course management. Due to time and fiscal concerns this is not always possible. The next best thing is to play with better players as often as possible and ask questions. Golfing is all about camaraderie and almost every golfer would be happy to help you out. So next time you have the opportunity to play with a threesome of good players at your course take advantage of the opportunity. It may be more valuable than any swing tip you have ever been given.

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