Learn to practice at home

Every person has heard that practice makes perfect. In reality it is often not possible to go to the golf course or driving range several times a week and hit balls or work on drills. Recreational golfers have jobs, family and other responsibilities that are far more important than anything that happens on the course. With some creativity and a couple household items you can practice at home  and still improve your game.

One of the best things for your short game is to practice chipping with a Ping Pong ball. While they are roughly the same size as a golf ball they are obviously too light to cause any damage and have good feedback. First of all make sure you have plenty of room to swing the club without hitting anything breakable. Using a sand or lob wedge practice hitting a Ping Pong ball onto a couch or table. Short game is all about feel and creativity and sometimes you have to get pretty creative when hitting a Ping Pong ball onto a dining table. Practice hitting down on the ball to get it airborne faster with spin and adjust ball position to the back of your stance to keep the ball low. Practice this a couple times a week and you will definitely see results.

If your putting is a concern simply grab a 4×4 that is roughly two feet long. By keeping the heel of your putter against the side of the board you can get the feel of a straight back and straight through putting stroke. This is a great drill when you cannot log time on the putting green, it is also a great drill at the course. Great players often do this drill for hours without hitting a single golf ball. The repetition of the stroke is what matters when the pressure is on.

Next time you feel you need to get some practice in but just can’t find the time to get to the course just get creative. By practicing twenty minutes a day or even every other day at home you will see improvement.

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