Make the most of your winter golf trip

With some of the country buried in snow before Halloween many are already counting down the days to their winter golf trip. There is not much better than enjoying warm weather and sunshine on the course in the middle of the winter. The problem is that many of us that go on winter trips Winter Golf Vacation have not played in weeks if not months prior. This often leads to bad scoring and frustration and can dampen the fun of a winter getaway.

Making a couple preparations before your trip can not only lower your scores but also make your vacation more enjoyable. Obviously if you are able to play or go to the range then get as much playing time as you can before your trip. The following tips are for those that are either snowed in or kept off the course by freezing temperatures.

Practice putting whenever you can. The short game is the first thing to get rusty during the off season and making a twenty foot putt can make up for a lousy hole. Practice putting whenever and wherever you can. Practice on your living room floor or even on smooth tile. It will amaze you what a difference it makes when you get out on the course.

Buy a package of Table Tennis (Ping Pong) balls. This may sound strange but they allow you to practice pitching and chip shots inside without breaking the lamp. Practice hitting them onto the couch from varying distances and onto tables or nightstands. Just make sure you have plenty of room to swing without hitting anything valuable or breakable.

Finally play it safe on the course when you get there. If your game is rusty there is no need to try to take any unnecessary risks. Make sure that you are hitting to the widest part of the fairway and the middle of the greens. This will give you the most room possible for any errors. While this seems like something that people would automatically try to do they often get out on the course and try to swing as hard as possible on every shot. When you have not played for awhile this will not work. Play it safe and stay out of trouble to shoot your best vacation scores.

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