New Golf Technology to Help Improve Your Game

Golf is complicated. There is a never-ending checklist of elements that can improve your game, but add a little tech to the mix, and you’re well on your way to the PGA!

2017 has a few hotlist items for you to be aware of as you progress. But it’s gonna cost ya…

The Zepp Chip

It’s not the first swing sensor on the market, but it’s the first one that clips to your golf glove! Now, you can swing with a 3D view of your path, tempo, plane and clubhead speed/consistency right on your palm. The sensor also detaches, so you can use it to analyze things like your hip rotation by placing it in your pocket. ($150)

GPS Range Finder

Most range finders will cost you a few hundred bucks. Luckily, there’s an app available for iOS and Android that has all the same features, but it won’t cost you a penny. The app utilizes Google Maps to gauge precise distance between you and the pin.

Game Golf

It’s the first system to automatically record and analyze every shot you take on the green. There’s a microscopic chip on the top of each of your club handles, so you don’t have to fiddle with any gadgets while you golf. After the game, you can view all of the data it has collected on a computer or smartphone. ($199)

Nike RZN Red

Each shot with this baby will go both faster and farther thanks to the Speedlock RZN technology within its core, which interlocks with the ball’s compression layer in a waffle iron-like pattern. This prevents slipping between layers, and assists in maintaining energy on impact. ($46 for 12)

Superhuman Golf Clubs and Drivers

The R15, which is known for being the most technologically advanced driver EVER, features two sliding split weights that allow you to adjust the shape of your shot. It can straighten your drive with a simple slide. Pretty slick. ($429)

The Adams Golf Red Hybrid is kind of known as the James Bond of clubs. Its patented upside-down design lowers its center of gravity, which promotes easier launch. Its velocity and ghost slot technologies also increase ball speed. Weight can be added or subtracted to your shots as well. Just make sure it’s shaken, not stirred. ($229)

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