Pro Golf Controversies and What People Think About Them

When it comes to disputes in the world of sports, golf is no Tour de France. It does, however, have its players and fans questioning certain elements of the over 500 year-old game, from official PGA rules, to the fate of its top players.

Here are a few of those ‘hot’ topics.

Slow Play at the PGA

The general consensus on this topic is that slow play has become a problem on the PGA Tour. Arguments have been made that audiences are turned off from the game because of how long it takes to play (and watch). The pros have also spoken out on the subject, making comments about rookies, for example, taking too long because they overanalyze their game. Should we speed things along?

Does Golf Belong in the Olympic Games?

Thoughts on this topic are a bit more split. With the game being reintroduced just last year in Rio, the debate is still fresh on everyone’s mind. Golf was a success in the 2016 Olympics, and so were its players. There is talk that the format could benefit from switching to a ‘team event,’ much like the Ryder Cup, but the conversation is still very much up in the air. 

The Modern Golf Ball

With technology moving at the speed of light, it can be hard to keep up. That includes improvements in the golf ball, which now has the ability to travel longer distances. Most players and fans don’t see this as a problem, but others argue that the course should be longer, or the ball shorter.

The Fate of Tiger Woods

We all want to see Tiger succeed, and who doesn’t love a good comeback? But as his back pain continues to be an issue, and he withdraws from more tournaments, the end of his pro career appears imminent. Sadly, most golf fans are doubtful that this record-breaking player will ever win another major. But that’s why they play the game, right?

PGA vs. USGA Rules

Some argue that the PGA should break away from the USGA guidebook and make their own rules, making the game more dynamic and less predictable. This would be similar to how, for example, the NBA differentiates their rules from those used in the Olympics. But who knows if and when this will come to fruition.

Where do you stand on the above issues?

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