Should Tiger be on the President’s Cup team?

The fact that Tiger Woods was picked to be on the President’s Cup team shows how valuable past accomplishments are. Despite the fact that Tiger is still playing poorly and rarely, he is still a bigger draw than the alternatives. When I first heard that Tiger was picked I was little annoyed. The whole point of a captain’s pick is to allow people currently on top of their game to represent their country. Tiger Woods has not done much in more than two years. Apart from his Master’s finishes he has not been a factor since the summer of 2009, yet we are still talking about him. While it is clear why Tiger Woods was picked, I am not sure it was the right decision for the team. Tiger has never been known as a team player anyways. If he is not playing well there is no point in having him there. There is little doubt that Tiger is working on his game but it is just not coming along. Couples may have some inside knowledge about his game, but from what we have seen there would have been better choices.

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