Should You Wear Two Golf Gloves?

If you’re considering wearing two golf gloves, this story probably sounds all too familiar:

You spent the day hitting balls and you swung so hard your back is sore. Your hands were gripping the club like a batter at the plate, ready to hit a home run, except all you got out of it were some slices and a sweaty hat. You gradually realize that your hand is rawer than a pack of bacon. Your fingers are dotted with blisters that have almost popped (or already did). You tenderly hold the club with your ruined palm and your gloved one, and you get through the last of your golf balls in an awkward fit of off-balance swings – because you can barely hold on with one of your hands.

When you finish playing, you remove your single glove and see one hand of baby-smooth un-blistered skin.

As you wrap your blistered fingers in the sleeve of your cashmere sweater and try not to cry, you might just wonder, why don’t I just wear two golf gloves?

Let’s discuss.

It’s very rare to see a pro player wearing two golf gloves unless the weather conditions are bad. The outlier here is Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey, who brought the habit into his golf game from baseball. But why don’t more pros don two gloves?

Cons to Wearing Two Golf Gloves

  • If you wear two gloves, it’s hard to grab tees from your bag or pocket, pick up and place ball markers, or do anything requiring fingertip precision. Think of all the things you can’t do while wearing winter gloves, and then you’ll get it.
  • Two gloves can make it harder to overlap your hands on your club. You may have to relearn your grip and play around with how tightly you hold the club and where your fingers fit comfortably.
  • Many golfers enjoy feeling connected to their golf game. If you wear two gloves, you’ll lose the connectedness that many golfers attribute to having a bare hand.

But, again, blisters suck. Golf blisters that render your hand unusable for the next week suck even more. Here are the perks to wearing that second glove:

Pros to Wearing Two Golf Gloves

  • If you grip the club too hard, wearing two gloves will rescue your hands. You can say goodbye to blisters and feel more comfortable. That means you can play longer, and thus, better.
  • Sweaty hands begone! You can banish the fear of your grip slipping due to sweaty palms if you have a second glove on. The glove will absorb your sweat and allow your grip to remain sturdy.
  • It’s common to see pros wearing a second glove in bad weather conditions. That’s because when you golf, you want your hands to be at the same temperature. Wearing a second glove will regulate the temperature of both of your hands and keep your swing consistent. Golfing with one freezing hand or one rain-soaked hand can be unnecessarily difficult, so glove up.

Do you golf with two gloves? Why or why not? Let us know!

If your glove situation is perfect but you’re in need of some assistance with your grip, see Our Top 4 Golf Grip Tips.


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