Simplify your chip shots


Television coverage is quite possibly one of the worst things for the average amateur. The shots that are broadcast are selected from hundreds throughout a given day. Most of the time you only see the green side chips that are incredibly difficult. What they don’t usually show is the simple chips and pitches that actually make professional golfers so good compared to the amateur counterparts. The goal of the professional nearly all the time is to get a chip to react much like a putt. This is why on simple chips they often remove the pin, they want the chip to roll in like a putt. This means they want the golf ball on the putting surface as soon as possible. Often times you only see the extremely difficult lob shots on TV coverage.

Next time you are chipping try playing the shot like you would a putt. Take a short iron, such as an 8 iron, and choke down on the grip several inches. Stand tall to the ball and place the toe of the club behind the ball. When you choke down on the club and stand tall this will make the heel of the club come off the ground stopping fat shots. You can even use your putting grip when trying this. Place most of your weight on the foot closest to the target, your left foot for right handed golfers. This will give you a steeper angle of attack and help you make consistent impact. Once you are set up just make your normal putting stroke. The ball will come out low and roll much like a putt. This shot works wonders when there is a small amount of fringe to carry. Practice using shorter irons, such as a PW, for shorter shots and a 6 iron for longer shots across a green.

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