Stay sharp this off-season

Unfortunately for many golfers in the north the season is coming to close. Many find that is takes months every spring to get their game back and the long winter months. This off season take a little time and keep your game sharp. It can be done indoors and will make your comeback easy next spring. If you are able to play during the winter months don’t worry about what you shoot. It is very possible to lose quite a few strokes when the game gets rusty. It is best to concentrate on the quality of shots rather than stressing over the score. Get out as much as possible, even if it just for a quick nine holes.


One of the best off season activities is simply hitting putts in the living room. In fact it is beneficial to work on your putting stroke without worrying about making putts. There are basically two factors that go into making putts, the stroke and the ability to read greens. By perfecting your stroke in the off season it leaves one less thing to worry about come spring. There are many great putting aids that can be used indoors. Find one that works on the plane of the stroke. This will help you keep, or learn, the feel of a consistent stroke this off-season.

Another great aid is a pack of table tennis balls from the sporting goods store. These are great for practicing chipping inside. Always be sure you have enough room to swing without breaking anything valuable. Practice hitting low and high chip shots and hitting them into a waste basket or onto a chair or couch. They are great because they react much like a golf ball but only travel a few feet. This is also a great way to practice new chip or flop shots.

The last is the simplest of them all. Swing a club as often as possible. Even if it is in your garage on a piece of old carpet. This will help keep the feel of a solid swing fresh throughout the winter.

By following these simple steps you may find that weeks, or even months, are saved when the season rolls around. A good short came can make up a lot of strokes so take the time to learn how to hit a new chip or pitch this off-season. The results will be well worth the small amount of effort.

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