Step in Focus with a Pre-Shot Routine

It is impossible to to stay focused for a complete round of golf. Concentrating for four or more hours is just not something that athletes can do while performing at the peak of their ability. Every golfer has had a round that was ruined from simple exhaustion, of the body or mind. It happens to golfers of all ability. Professional golfers have a trick that helps them eliminate this, a  pre-shot routine. It not only brings consistency to the game but also lets the brain and body know that it is time to perform.

Developing a steady pre-shot routine can do as much for your game as any drill or that new driver everyone is praising. Just as important as focusing is the ability to relax between shots. While this seems hard at times it is extremely important. In order to make it through a long round of golf without being completely drained the muscles and mind need time to let go of the task at hand. With a pre-shot routine you can let your body know it is time go and step back into focus. Until this begins you can relax and conserve energy.

The great thing about a pre-shot routine is that you can do whatever you want. Many players start it by pulling a club out of a bag or even something simple like adjusting your hat or putting on your glove. This is the switch that lets your mind know it is time to perform. Perhaps the worst thing that you can do is sit over the ball and take numerous practice swings. Not only does this not help, it will drive everyone else you are playing with crazy. Limit practice swings to one or two and do not take them at full speed, concentrate on tempo and your target. The rest is up to you. Take some time on your next trip to the range and see what works best. Just remember to stick to the same routine before every shot and you will see why every pro has developed their own pre-shot routine.

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