The Best and Worst Food & Drink Choices for Golf

Not all snacks are created equal. Make sure you’re making smart choices on the green if you want to improve your chances of success.

The Best List

  • Pocket-sized protein – energy and nutrition bars, lean nuts like almonds, and beef jerky are all easy options that will help with stamina, but keep an eye out for sugar content. Not all bars are created equal.
  • Fruit like bananas and apples – easy to pack, and eat. Bananas have potassium which can help with muscle cramping, and are filling. Apples have just the right amount of sugar to give your body that extra boost it needs.
  • Eggs – they’re high in protein, and have the capacity to trick your mind that you’re full enough so you won’t get hungry easily during play.
  • Water – probably the most obvious item on this list, it’s the best possible way to make sure you stay hydrated while you sweat.
  • PB & J Sandwiches– add a banana in there and you might have the most fun and flavorful option on this list! It’s also a favorite among the pros.

The Worst List

  • Sports Drinks – I know this one may shock you because they are known to have electrolytes, which helps with dehydration. Drinks like Gatorade, and Powerade have high sodium content, which can do damage to your muscles and dehydrate you. So it’s best to wait until after playing to down one of these tasty beverages.
  • Cereal – simple carbs are a no-no. They give you energy for a very short window, but you’ll crash hard. And as we all know, golf is not exactly a short game.
  • Alcohol – save it for after! It’s a sedative AND it will dehydrate you like crazy.
  • Hot Dogs – high in saturated fat, and sodium, as well as simple carbs, hot dogs will not only make your energy crash, but it will likely upset your stomach too.
  • Chips, Pretzels and Granola Bars – these snacks are high in sugar and sodium, and will make you sleepy and dehydrated while also offering no nutritional value.

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