The best golf investment…a lesson and a video camera

I will never forget the first time I saw my swing on video, even though I have tried. All the things everyone had been telling me finally made sense. My right knee was moving towards the ball on my downswing and I was losing my spine angle at impact. No matter how hard I worked on the range I could never get them fixed, until I saw it for myself. It was not that I did not understand what was being said, I just could not feel it. The second the video was played it became clear. So many amateur golfers have the same problem. Often times they do not understand something they are told but are too embarrassed to ask for a clarification. My advice, start asking and start watching.

Knowing how much video changed my game, I have become a huge advocate of it during instruction. With the advancement, and affordability, of high definition video it surprises me that more people don’t use it in abundance for golf. While many instructors take advantage there are very few average golfers that do. These are the people that stand to gain the most from it. Top amateurs and professionals use it to finely tune and tweak a swing fault. Amateurs may have a game changing experience with it.

For the price of a driver you can get a cheap HD video camera with a high frame rate and several lessons from your local pro. This will help your game exponentially compared to a new driver or set of irons. So go out and get a lesson and ask for the video. You will not regret it.

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