The Best Time of Day to Golf

To be perfectly honest, there isn’t a best time of day to golf. There are pros and cons to each hour from dawn to twilight. Here are the things to consider when booking your tee time during each different time of day.

Early Morning
  • The course is untouched. No feet have trampled on the greens and the course has had the evening to recover and rebound from the previous day’s golfers.
  • Fewer people choose to golf in the wee hours of the morning. Plan on intense levels of quiet and sparse, if any, company on the course.
  • The weather is still cool. If it’s summertime and you’re in a hot location, the early morning may be one of the only times you can escape the heat while outside on the course.
  • The grass will still be dewey. Keep this in mind when you’re putting and playing.
  • Your body won’t be awake and alert yet. Don’t plan on getting your best scores during early morning hours.
Late Morning
  • The weather has warmed up from the early morning – it won’t be freezing. You’ll feel the air get hotter as you play.
  • Your muscles and brain are in peak condition to play. You’ve had time to wake up and you’ll score better now than you would in the early morning or late night.
  • The dew is gone from the evening. The grass is dry and in perfectly playable condition – plus, there hasn’t been a ton of foot traffic (yet).
  • This is a peak time to play. The course will be bustling and crowded. Prepare for wait times.
  • The weather is at its hottest. If you’re in extremely hot weather conditions, the course may be unplayable. Pack lots of water.
  • The lull at lunchtime can mean daylight hours without the crowds.
  • The sun is directly overhead. While that makes the air hot, it also means you won’t be looking into the sun at all. No sunrise or sunset struggles here.
Early Afternoon
  • Your muscles and brain in peak condition again. After lunch, your body has refueled and is ready to compete. Prepare to get some of your best scores in these early afternoon hours.
  • The weather is going to be at its hottest still, but you can count on the temperatures decreasing instead of increasing. The heat will become more bearable the farther you get.
Late Afternoon
  • Cheaper tee times make all the difference.
  • The weather has cooled by this point. No unbearable sun should stall your game.
  • The course will be less crowded – twilight golf is an underutilized sport.
  • Depending on the direction you face, the sunset may be directly in your eyes. Bring sunglasses and expect the worst.
  • Insects might be extra-present, depending on your region. Bug spray is your friend.

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