The Best Wedges on the Market

It’s a new year, so it must be time for a new list. Here is some of the very best in golf gear when it comes to club wedges. The market is saturated with good clubs, but the following have the best overall reputations due to certain standards of measure like gapping, bounce, finish, grooves and more.

If your 2017 resolution is to become a better, more serious golfer, you should consider investing in one of these babies.

Cleveland Men’s Golf 588 RTX Cavity Back Black Pearl Wedge

With unique features like the Zip ‘U Grooves,’ this wedge is designed to make shots 16% larger to increase spin, which comes in handy in inconvenient weather conditions like sand, or rain, and helps prevent fliers. The roughness technology makes it more durable and ready for heavier impact.

Titleist Vokey SM6

Going off of the very popular SM5 model, the SM6 is currently the most popular wedge on the PGA Tour. The low center of gravity on the lower lofts assists in distance progression. The grooves change to optimize spin. The model comes in Tour Chrome, Steel Grey or Jet Black, and comes in five grinds (L, M, S, F, K) to cover various swing types. Not to mention the newly designed face texture and Spin Milled TX4 groove combo allows for up to 200rpm more spin.

Cobra King

In order to stand out from other wedges, Cobra decided to thicken the face and raise the height of the muscle in the back, which results in higher vibration frequency. Its progressive groove set up also reduces backspin in order to achieve a stronger flight. It’s also a tad more affordable than some of its heavy-hitting counterparts.

Callaway Mack Daddy Forged

This is one of the fancier wedges on the list, and generally designed for more advanced players. Its straight, lean edge increases precision, and the crescent-shaped grind makes shots off tight lies easier. It also features progressive center of gravity (CG) positions, which helps to attack flags and allows for an easier-to-control-flight without having to sacrifice spin. Its sole grinds also fit different swing types.

Mizuno T7

This one is infused with Boron, which makes the clubhead more durable. With higher lofted wedges, the grinds enhance versatility, and the new milling tool allows for more precise and loft-specific grooves to be cut extremely tightly.

Yonex N1-W

Its 3D round sole reduces turf interaction, and the graphite insert behind the face makes the vibration slicker for an improved feel. While the vibration after impact will feel greater, it dampens much quicker than its rivals.

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