The Greenside Uphill Chip

Playing a chip shot from a greenside uphill lie can be very challenging. First, it may be difficult to establish your stance on the slope. Then, knowing what club to use and gauging how far the ball will fly and roll can be confusing. Here is a simple method for addressing and playing this challenging shot.

When playing from a severe upslope by the green, set up and play the ball position off of your back foot, and stand with your shoulders level to the surface of the green. This will place most of your weight over your back foot where it remains through the entire shot. By keeping your shoulders level to the green surface and playing the ball position back in your stance, your hands will be well ahead of the ball.

This effectively delofts the golf club, making it necessary to use a lofted wedge such as your sand or lob wedge. If you do not have a lob wedge, ask your PGA Professional which one is right for you.

The Takeaway

Remaining balanced with your shoulders level, swing the club straight away from the ball. There is no “Up Swing” to this takeaway. Keep the club low, swinging level with your shoulders in a short, flat backswing. No weight shift is needed. At impact, hit the hill. Accelerate forward to the ball on the same level path as the club goes. Don’t try to lift into impact.

Keep the clubhead low, hit hard into the hill, and the ball will gently lift over the slope and roll smoothly onto the green surface. No traditional follow through finish is needed here. Keep your weight steady on your back foot, and pop the clubhead onto the hill.

– Charles Lostracco is the Head of Professional Golf at The Lely Resort Golf and Country Club

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