The Importance of Distance Control

As a golfers ability progresses, there are several things that improve greatly. The short game sharpens and less mistakes are made. One of the most important factors in golf occurs when you pull a club out of your bag. Studies have shown that amateur golfers do not know how far they actually hit their clubs, and when they say they do they are often times way off. Nearly every golfer over a five handicap does not hit enough club on most of their shots. This leaves them with difficult shots at an awkward yardage and piles strokes on the score card.

While swings between professionals and amateurs are very different, their mental and strategic approaches are what separate them from the thousands of great golfers in the world. Professionals do not care if they have to hit an eight iron from 130 yards if that is what the situation calls for. 

They would rather have a putt for birdie rather than hitting a PW and a bunker shot. So spend a couple hours at a driving range that has several yardage markers. Hit all of your clubs and figure out what your real distances are, not what you want your buddies to think. Write them down until you can remember them all. This will help advance your game and lower your score. If you need to hit more club then do it. When you shoot your lowest round, your buddies aren’t going to care what club you pulled.

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