The Players Club: A Path to Becoming a Better Golfer Without Breaking the Bank

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What if I told you that golf doesn’t have to be hard or expensive? Some of you might put on your skeptic hat and ask how true such a bold statement can be. I understand those sentiments, however allow me to introduce you to The Players Club. This unique development program is dedicated to providing the necessary resources, training, and motivation to enhance your golf game at a monthly price far less than what the majority of people may pay for a cell phone or cable bill.

The Players Club is intended for all golfers, regardless of experience to improve your skill level and ultimately become the best golfer you can be. The best part of being a member of the program is the outstanding array of benefits you receive. Depending on your chosen course, you can expect free range balls, free Green Fees, free carts, and free golf lessons. The clinics are taught by experienced teaching professionals committed to making the classes fun, members can hit range balls every day, and the course is available for Members to play in the afternoons. The best part is, while members typically sign up with one of the particular components of the program in mind, over time they find themselves utilizing all of the program’s benefits.

Jeff Perry, a regional director at American Golf Corporation, shared his excitement about adding The Players Club to 21 public golf clubs in the AGC portfolio.

“To me, it is absolutely the best program available in the golf industry today. For a nominal monthly fee, members get access to unlimited range balls, free golf instruction, and free afternoon green fees that include a free beverage,” Perry said. “What I enjoy most about The Players Club is hearing our guests’ initial reactions to the program when they learn about what they get as a member.  Typically it’s either ‘no way,’ ‘what’s the catch,’ or ‘this is too good to be true’.  The true satisfaction I get comes when they become members and realize The Players Club is everything that we advertise and so much more.”

Troy Cartwright, a 29-year-old beginning golfer who resides in San Bernardino, hasn’t played golf in nearly a year but is thinking about changing that status because of The Players Club. “I only play golf a few times a year because of its hefty price tag and handful of friends I have that are interested in playing with me, however with a program like The Players Club money becomes less of an issue and I can enjoy fun outings with a group of friends or coworkers by playing and with the instruction aspect that is apart of the deal.”


Mountain Meadows Golf Course

Hole #3 at Mountain Meadows Golf Course in Pomona, CA.

The lineup of courses that offer the program expands across multiple regions including the West, Mid West, South, and more. Golfers like Mr. Cartwright who tee off in Southern California might want to check out The Players Club at Mountain Meadows. In this particular scenario, Troy would pay $39.99 a month, have daily access to range facilities (Up to $20 daily), no cart fees daily, and be able to attend golf clinics with instructors for free. If you are curious and chomping at the bit to start working on the golf performance that you’ve always aspired for, check out the table below for the location, price, and benefits associated with each course that has The Players Club.


A list of benefits for The Players Club golf properties.

* Monthly recurring payment plan required. Cancellation available after 60 days. Cancellation required 30 day advance notification. Subject to all applicable liquor laws and regulations. Some restriction apply.

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