Our Top 4 Golf Grip Tips

As golfers, we often hear the term, “grip it and rip it.” There’s plenty that can go wrong when you “rip it,” (open club face, level shoulders, using too much body, to name a few…) but none of that even matters if you don’t have the right grip. Luckily, the grip is one of the easiest aspects of your golf game to fix. Here are some tips on obtaining the perfect grip.

Grab the Handle Instinctively

Your left hand is the ‘driver of the driver,’ which means it’s your lead hand, generating all the power in the club. You may hear a lot of suggestions on proper placement of the grip within your knuckles, but if you just grab the club instinctively, your left hand will assume its natural power position, giving you the most organic and comfortable grip.

Pay Attention to Your Wrist

When you grab the club in your natural power position, your wrist will be either flat or flexed. Neither is correct or wrong, it’s just the natural, comfortable position for your hand. Note whether you’re a ‘flex-er’ or a ‘flat-er’ and try to maintain this wrist angle throughout your swing.

Apply Pressure with Your Thumb

Your left hand thumb serves as the guide for the club. Your left thumb should create a good base, applying pressure directly to the club handle.

Interlock the Right Hand

A golf grip is not similar to the baseball bat “knuckle-to-opposite-hand-knuckle” grip that many of us are familiar with from childhood. Instead, on a golf club, your right pinkie should actually slide into the crevice between your left middle and left index fingers. The right middle and right index fingers should then wrap around the club handle and touch the left thumb. The right index finger then wraps around the club, to keep the left thumb from sliding. This interlocked grip prevents the hands from slipping apart mid-swing.

If you follow these four simple Grip Tips, the first few swings (or times out on the course) may feel awkward – especially if you’re changing a significant aspect of your current grip. However, if you stick with it (or even one or two of the tips), you’ll find that over time, these tips will help your grip become more comfortable and effective. Then it’s really time to “grip it and rip it” out on the course!

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