Tour players tinker too

Phil Mickelson recently stated that he has not putted well for two years. Something that is hard to believe given the fact that he has five wins over that time period. It was a simple putting tip from Dave Stockton turned it all around. He simply told Phil that it is fine to have a forward press in the putting stroke, or lean the hands towards the hole prior to making the stroke. While Phil’s change was small this time other tour players are taking drastic measures in order to compete with the best golfers in the world. Adam Scott has made a coaching change in order to attempt to climb back up the world rankings and others are trying different, not new, swing techniques such as the Stack and Tilt.

All this means is that the top golfers in the world tinker just like the rest of us. The test out new clubs, swing tips, and golf balls more frequently than anyone realizes. The fact is that golf is a streaky game. Besides a few top players on tour most players make the majority of the earnings in a few tournaments. There are several things that average golfers can learn from this. First of all don’t be afraid to try new things given that they have some merit. Swing tips from a local golf professional are much better than from a magazine. All of our swings are different and some drills may hurt more than help. Secondly you will have bad days on the golf course. There is something about the game, perhaps beyond explanation, that makes it simple one day and impossible the next. So remember that it is fun and just relax during the bad rounds. It is still better than being at work.

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