Unique Stocking Stuffers for Golfers

Golf gifts are typically pretty standard. If you’re a golfer, you know that people love to give you golf balls, tees, towels, and everything else that the standard round requires. Just a few weeks ago we made a post about Gifts That Golfers of All Skill Levels Will Love. If you’re trying to give a gift that’s out of the box, we have a few ideas. Additionally, most of these are small fit-in-your-stocking gifts. They’re perfect for the recreational golfer that isn’t already a fully-stocked golf-obsessed professional. They say, “Hey, I know you like golf. Here’s a cool golf thing you can use. PLUS it’s not golf balls.” Trust me, they’ll appreciate the novelty.

Golf Socks or Socks for Golfing

You have two sock avenues here: golf novelty socks, or socks that are actually useful for golfing. For extra fun, give your golfer  both! A pair of goofy golfer socks paired with a padded pair of dress socks will show that you’ve got a sense of humor AND you care about their foot comfort while golfing. Win-win. Both pairs will comfortably fit in a stocking or will be a great addition to a non-golf gift.

Club Groove Sharpener

Seldom thought of during the gift-giving season, this tool is best-suited for your more serious golfer that plays at least once a week. Your fair weather friend that only breaks out the clubs twice a year will not get much use out of a groove sharpener. However, once a set of clubs is well-loved and well-worn, a club groove sharpener can bring the club faces back into shape. It’s thoughtful and useful, as long as your golfer is someone that will actually use it (and know what it is when they open it).

Golf Selfie Stick

Perfect for a young and aspiring golfer, golf selfie sticks are a great way to up your game by utilizing the technology that we all have readily available in our pockets. Many swing-bettering tools and putting aligners can be expensive. A simple selfie stick will suffice perfectly for a fraction of the price. The stick clips onto your golf bag and can expand to fit your phone. Drop one in a golfers stocking and watch them open it – they will probably have a good laugh before they realize exactly how useful it can be to have a well-positioned recording of their own swing.

Sunglasses (amber or rose tinted)

This is another gift where you have to choose between the two directions of novelty or usefulness. It would be quite funny to give your golfer friend a tacky pair of out-of-style sports shades to wear golfing. If you’re feeling nice instead of naughty, go for a more flattering shape of glasses. No matter the style, get amber lenses. Rose works also, but amber is less distracting (and less pink). Don’t spend too much on the glasses unless you’re certain you know exactly what your friend wants. Include a gift receipt. This present is also stocking-size approved.

Golf Hole Reducer

Push your golfer to play on challenge mode. Golf hole reducers are little rings that sit in golf holes in order to make the cups smaller. This makes putting significantly harder – which in turn will make your friend a significantly better putter. A blessing and a curse, golf hole reducers may mean subjecting your friend to hours of rage and frustration on the greens. In a few months (or years), they might thank you. Maybe.

Ugly Golf Sweater

‘Tis the season! While an ugly sweater might not fit in a stocking (roll it up?), it’s sure to be a hit and will be used for years to come. Everyone needs ugly holiday sweaters in their wardrobe. Themed sweaters have so much more personality than the typical bold and awful patterned sweater. Evoke some laughs and then make your friend wear the sweater all morning or all day long, depending on how mean you are.

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