Give Golf this Valentine’s Day

When you’re trying to think of a romantic way to spend time with your darling, golf might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you and your significant other both love spending time on the greens, giving the gift of golf as your Valentine’s Day present can be an excellent idea.

Instead of Dinner: Go Golfing

Shake things up this year! Rather than defaulting to a regular restaurant for your Valentine’s celebration, make a tee time at an upscale course. Try choosing a new one that you haven’t played before! Even if it’s a bit of a drive, the thrill of being pampered at a new course is a memorable experience. Pack your golf bags with homemade treats to enjoy as you play, and pay for bag carts or a golf cart to ensure your playing is stress-free.

Instead of Chocolates: Give a Golf Basket

Gather his or her favorite golf things (tees, golf ball sleeves, a new glove) and place them in a basket or gift bag. It’s much more exciting to receive something you can enjoy numerous times – not something you eat!

Instead of Earrings: Give a New Club

If you’re looking to give a big gift for Valentine’s Day, give your honey a new golf club! Whether it’s a highly rated driver or a fitted club just for him or her, the gift will be much more memorable than a piece of jewelry she’ll bury in her nightstand.

Instead of Game Tickets: Give a Round of Golf

If you want to give your significant other an activity they can enjoy in the future, keep your Valentine’s Day dinner plans and give them a certificate for a round of golf instead. If you’re not a big golf fan, this is a lovely way to ensure your honey can enjoy their Valentine’s gift with a fellow golf pal (instead of having you suffer through 18 holes when you don’t enjoy the sport).

Golf is a great sport and hobby that transitions perfectly into a gift. Whether you choose gear, themed items, or simply a round at a nicer course, you can give your darling something special and unique for Valentine’s Day this year.

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