Virtual Reality: A Guide to the Best Golf Simulators

Some of us live in wintry weather environments, where outdoor golf becomes pretty near impossible. Lucky for you, there are lots of ways to get through the winter and not lose your stride.

Video Games and Wii

Some video games are better than others, and some will do more than just entertain you.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

This game gives players the ability to play throughout many important events in the famous player’s career. In the newest version, players are given an option to control all aspects of a swing, which takes a tad longer to learn, but ends up improving the “sim” feel.

Hot Shots Golf: It’s known as the Mario Golf with more attitude. It’s got a backspin control that turns the ball into a pin-seeker, which is one of its more popular features. There’s something light and entertaining about playing golf with Nintendo characters.


It’s the most open-ended golf simulation, offering up hundreds of hours of gameplay, while also allowing the player to become acquainted with how to build and manage a golf course, if that also interests you.

Nintendo Wii U GamePad

This one is the easiest way to practice your swing on the off season where you can actually practice your swing and form, without even leaving the house! All you have to do is stand in position, and swing the ball displayed on the screen. The screen also gives you a visual of your club head, the Swing Meter and the course terrain, which allows for more adjusting before you take your shot. The GamePad has various modes, such as ‘training mode’ where you can practice alone or even share the game with fellow golfers. There’s also ‘Pro Putter,’ where you have ten chances to try and beat your record, ‘Chip-in Bingo,’ and the ‘Driver Challenge,’ where you blast long drives onto a giant target in the middle of a big water barrier.

Full Swing Golf Simulation

The highly instructional simulator for the more serious golfer, Full Swing features light-wave technology in pristinely accurate animation. Players benefit from course mapping, one of the game’s many integral components and shot qualifications. With 93 available courses, the player can alter time of day, weather and environmental conditions, and lots of practice side-game options that can test your accuracy and clutch dexterity. Full Swing Golf S4 is Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice when it comes to simulators.

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