Ways to Enjoy Your Time on the Practice Tee

When you’re trying to improve your golf game, there’s no more frustrating feeling than repeatedly beating balls on the range and never seeing any progress.

This is when you need to incorporate some games and drills into your practice routine, according to Steve Salas, Director of Instruction at Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course in Irvine. With some friendly competition and a little creativity, games and drills can drastically improve your performance!

“The minute I say ‘game,’ students are more focused and competitive,” Salas says. “Games also provide a measurable outcome, so students can see feedback and improvement.”

Here are a few of Salas’s favorites:

Game of 21

In 21, Salas has his students pick nine spots around the practice green and chip the ball to a designated hole from each spot. Getting up and down is worth 2 points, while getting down in three earns 3 points. The goal is to not exceed 21, with the ideal score being 18.

“This drill gives students the chance to learn how to chip and pitch around the green,” said Salas, “and use multiple clubs in multiple situations.”

Golf Pong 

For this game, Salas sets up six, 2-foot-high red barrels or trash cans in the shape of a pyramid for students to pitch the ball into. The game helps teach the skill of creating loft and controlling distance in order to accumulate points.

Game of Horse

This game is similar to the way Horse works on a basketball court: one player tries to hit a target on the driving range and if successful, each subsequent player will attempt to duplicate that particular shot. If they miss, they get one letter that will eventually spell out H-O-R-S-E. The goal? No letters!

Now go have some fun out there.

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